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Useful Tips to Keep a Bottle of Wine Fresh After Opening

There is a misconception that all wine tastes better with age. Over time, complex chemical reaction in your alcohol can affect the flavour, texture, aroma and colour. The more heart-wrenching is spoiling your premium wine within a few days after opening.  Wine is prone to sensitive environment and unfavourable conditions can lead to spoilage or make it taste bad. This happens because of insufficient storage techniques.

If you are a true oenophile, you should know the best strategies to maintain the fruity and premium taste and quality of your wine after opening. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you prolong its shelf-life and let you taste wine like a pro:

1. Store Your Wine in Dim Light

You must have noticed in vineyards of Sydney, Newcastle and other regions of NSW that they store wines in dark or dim light. If you have removed the wine cork to taste your classic wine, make sure you store the bottle in dark place. It should be free from direct sunlight as it could build heat inside the bottle, accelerating the oxidation process. This can affect the aroma and taste a well.

So, store your wine bottle in LED lighting instead of areas where there is a direct source of UV rays.

2. Vacuum Pump

It is good to vacuum as much as air as possible from the bottle to prevent oxidation as this could spoil your wine. You can find a plenty of vacuum pumps in New South Wales that can reduce the air percentage by sucking it out.

These specialised pump systems have stoppers. You just need to insert the stopper into the bottle and attach the pump to remove oxygen. On the contrary, some wine connoisseurs in NSW believe that vacuum pumps can deteriorate the actual aroma, taste and texture of wine. So, it is completely your call- whether to vacuum pump air or not.

3. Store in the Refrigerator

As soon as you remove the cork from the bottle, wine starts interacting with oxygen and changes its composition over time. Of course, oxygen allows wine to release its aroma but excess o it can degrade its taste and turn into a plain vinegar. That’s why it is an art to perform different winemaking techniques and preserve its authentic taste for years.

In order to slow down the oxidation process, place your wine bottle in the fridge. It is good to use a wine fridge and set the temperature around 55 degrees to keep it cool enough to slow the oxidation process.

4. Use Wine Shield

This is also a great way to preserve the opened bottle of wine. Use a wine shield, which is a flexible and circular disc, inserted in a partly empty bottle of wine. It is a floating lid that keeps its taste and aroma fresh for couple of days.

The plastic disc is made of air bubbles that allow it to float on the surface of the wine. It is an ideal option for those who don’t consume the entire bottle in one go. Licensed restaurants and pubs in New South Wales use wine shields to keep their wine intact for the longer period of time.

Wrapping up

These are some of the useful tips to help preserve the optimal taste, aroma, texture and quality of wine after opening. Make sure you close the lid properly and store the bottle away from the sunlight.


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