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Wines of Cowra Information Guide

In this Wines of Cowra Information Guide, you can get information about the various wine-growing establishments in this region in New South Wales. Along with this, you can also learn about the varieties of wine found in Cowra as well as the wine-making processes. Take a look back into the history of this region, see how the first vineyards were established, what wines became popular and look at how sustainable wine making process were used in the Cowra wine region.

Cool Climate Elegance

Cowra's cool climate enhances the flavours of the wines of this region and gives it a graceful structure.

Chardonnay Excellence

Cowra has gained recognition for its exceptional Chardonnay wines that are crisp, citrusy, and well-rounded.

Vibrant Shiraz

Shiraz is another standout variety in Cowra showcasing ripe berry fruits, spice, and a medium to full-bodied profile.

The wines of Cowra region enrich your soul and tastebuds

Cynthia Baker

Boutique Wineries

Producing limited quantities of premium wines


Stunning Vineyard Settings

Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards with serene surroundings


Cellar Door Experiences

Taste and Purchase your wines directly from the source

Highlights Of Cowra Wine Region

Quality Wines With Scenic Surroundings

The Cowra winery region is an appealing destination for wine enthusiasts, offering a combination of tasty wines, beautiful sights, educational experiences, and warm hospitality


Hospitality and Wine Tourism

Cowra wineries are known for their warm hospitality and friendly staff

Exciting Events

Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, vineyard tours, picnics, and special events

Sustainability Initiatives

Cowra wineries prioritise water conservation, organic farming methods, & biodiversity preservation

Scenic Vineyards

Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks through the gorgeous and lush vineyards

Wine Diversity

Expertise In Winemaking

The Cowra wine region in Australia boasts a diverse range of wines, reflecting the region’s terroir and winemaking expertise. Here are some aspects of wines in Cowra:

Cowra Food & Wine Pairings
Enhance Your Meals

The Cowra wine region in Australia offers a range of delicious wines that can be expertly paired with various food options. Here are some suggested food and wine pairings that can enhance your dining experience in Cowra:

Roasted Chicken or Grilled Fish


Steak Or Lamb


Oysters, Shrimp, Or Grilled Fish

Sauvignon Blanc


What Winemakers Say

See what the winemakers in the Cowra Wine Region have to say about the quality and taste of wines that set them apart from the rest.

Cowra Wine Region


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